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#22 Character Goods – Sentimental Circus

on May 2, 2012

So for my last post I presented to you Rilakkuma.

However, for me, Rilakkuma is old news. I liked him 5 years ago. I still like him in a way; as mentioned previously I have a Rilakkuma stuffed animal that I sleep with every night.

However, I don’t buy Rilakkuma goods anymore.

What catches my eye these days is a line of goods known as Sentimental Circus.

They’re also owned by the company San-X (who owns Rilakkuma and a host of others).

Their star character is a rabbit wearing pajamas who has a Mad Hatter’s hat on.

I think he’s super adorable, and he has a host of friends including some adorable bird ballerinas:

As of this moment, I own two Sentimental Circus notebooks and a small clear plastic folder. I’m highly considering acquiring a pencil case as well.

The one I want most is a hybrid between a plushie and a pencil case:

fluffy Sentimental Circus pencil case with pink rabbit

The downsides though are that A) it’ll probably get dirty/ratty fairly quickly, and B) I’ve heard it doesn’t hold as much as a regular pencil case would.

There’s this one that would hold a lot more:

San-x Sentimental Circus Pen Pouch Cube Series

Or this one that would hold less but is a cuter design (in my opinion):

San-x Sentimental Circus Pen Pouch

In any case, I’m still deciding.

I have to exert a lot of self-control when looking at these goods. I’ve been pretty good though, in that every time I see a display of Sentimental Circus goods in a store, or browse offerings online, I fawn over and want to buy every single thing…but generally am able to pull myself away and say “no.” Or at the very least, “not now.” I have enough things at the moment. I have to be very conscientious over what I have because I’ll need to lug it all back in just a few suitcases, and ship any remaining things. There’s a limit to what I can reasonable carry home.

But if you’re in the need of something or are craving your own Sentimental Circus item, amazon has a great deal of their goods! Which is a relief for me in case I go into Sentimental Circus or character-goods withdrawal after moving back to the US.


6 responses to “#22 Character Goods – Sentimental Circus

  1. LOL!!! I think you’re turning Japanese, I think you’re turning Japanese, I really think so!!! (Haha the song should be firmly stuck in your head now).

    • It’s too late!

      Today I got to add 3 regular pencils (2B) and an eraser to my sentimental circus collection! Again, buying in moderation, and generally cheaply priced goods….though I am somewhat trying to stock up on cute character goods items to take back with me when I leave Japan in just 3 months!

      Have you seen Sentimental Circus around in Korea?

      • I can totally understand the stocking up before you leave thing! Stuff like that is so much more expensive outside of Asia. Are you leaving Japan to return home for good? Or another adventure elsewhere?

        Nope, haven’t seen the Sentimental Circus stuff around these parts but shall keep my eyes open!

        • Well, first off I’m moving to a new place in the US – Portland, Oregon, with my boyfriend, so that’s a new adventure in and of itself (I was living in the Chicago area prior to Japan.)

          We plan on staying there a few years to get some more qualifications (he wants to get a teaching degree) and then our next destination is Taiwan!

          Are you staying in Korea more than a year? Is there somewhere else you want to go next?

  2. A new place is always exciting! I don’t know much about Portland so it will be interesting to hear about your move and your transition to Taiwan!!! That’s a place I would love to visit, mainly because I’ve heard the food is so good, haha.

    We haven’t made any final decisions about where next when our contracts finish in October, other than a 6 week trip through India. After that is an open book at the moment. We have MANY plans/ideas/dreams of places to go, its just a matter of figuring it all out. There’s definitely other places in Asia that we want to see/see more of but we’re also extremely keen to see more the States, go back to the Caribbean for a while, “do” Europe…too much to see in this world!

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