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#26 What’s up in Taiwan Podcast

on May 30, 2012

So recently I’ve been listening to a Podcast called What’s up in Taiwan

My boyfriend and I are big fans of Asia. We want to live elsewhere in the world if we can (especially Europe), but for now our focus is Asia.

We’ll both be leaving Japan in 2 months time – sad! After relaxing, recouping, and getting some more job skills in the US, we intend to move back to Asia, this time to Taiwan.

I found this podcast randomly when searching for “Taiwan” in the iTunes store, and it’s been incredibly insightful about some of the positives and negatives that foreigners experience while living in Taiwan.

The podcast interviews foreigners (ie: non-Taiwanese or Chinese) who either live in Taiwan, or travel there on occasion. The show does a good job of trying to get people from all sorts of different countries, and learning about the people themselves and listening to their accents or their experiences can be pretty interesting in and of itself.

The foreigners interviewed are usually in Taipei, though sometimes the show will interview folks living in more rural areas.

The show host grew up in Taiwan, then spent the majority of his teen/young adult life in the US. Thus he’s fluent in both English and Chinese, though the show is done entirely in English. If Chinese comes up, they explain what the word/phrase means. The host seems to have a lot fun with the podcast when he can and does impressions or silly gimmicks at times, especially at the beginning of an episode.

This podcast never really gets old, because all the people interviewed are different and unique, and sometimes you get to learn random extra things from their interests (like the stray dog/cat situation in Taipei, the New Age music scene, a bit about Taiwanese business practices, etc etc).

I highly recommend this show to anyone interested in visiting or moving to Taiwan, or interested in the expat experience in general.

Learn more about the world! Or at least this particular corner of the world, at http://whatsupintaiwan.blogspot.com


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