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#28 Homage to my Rirakkuma Stuffie

on June 13, 2012

While  Hello Kitty still holds top ranking in Japan, Rirakkuma is still quite popular.  I wrote a post on this a while back.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

There’s actually a number of Rilakkuma plushes out there these days.  On that other post I linked to a bear that I *thought* was my bear, but actually isn’t.  My bear doesn’t seem to be on amazon.com (alas), but is on amazon.co.jp

This is the exact plush that I have:

Anyway, the thing I love about him more than any other stuffed animal I’ve owned (that I can remember) is that because of the way his body is and how his head is positioned, and how floppy his arms and legs are, he always looks somewhat alive, or realistic, in a way a stuffed animal who is forever in the sitting position never can look.

I sleep with my Rirakkuma every night when I’m at my apartment (I don’t take him with me on trips).  A while back I started to notice that whenever I’d wake up, Rirakkuma would be in a position that really looked like he was chilling, or resting, or was doing his own thing. So I snapped a few pictures over the span of several weeks, and today I will share them with you.

I want to stress that none of these are posed; instead they’re just how Rirakkuma ended up after I got out of bed.


My Rirakkuma has been my trusty companion since I studied abroad in Japan 2007-2008 when I bought him at a store near my host family’s apartment.

He was so important to me during my time studying abroad that I actually had him sit with me the whole time on the flight back home from Japan, and thus was able to proudly display him when I was reunited with my mom after being away for 9 months.

When I leave Japan for a 2nd time, in just under 2 months, I also intend to keep him close, though this time perhaps in my carry on suitcase, instead of right in my arms.  A 22 year old can get away with a stuffed animal on a plane, but can a 26 year old?  Probably.  Hmm.


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