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#29 Foods I will miss from Japan – Part 1

on June 20, 2012

In leaving Japan, my lifestyle is going to change dramatically.

All of the foods I have gotten so used to eating I will no longer have access too.  Even the things I only ate occasionally here, will no longer be available, and that’s sad.

So here’s a list, in no particular order, of the foods I’m going to miss.


You can pick these up really easily at any grocery store or convenience store.  Since becoming a vegetarian, I haven’t bought them as often as they often have some meat in them, like this one with a small hot dog.  But they give quite a variety of side-dishes and always have plenty of rice such that they are often satisfying and filling meals.


These are delicious cooked balls of batter with little bits of octopus in the center.  The octopus is tolerable; if anything it adds a little bit of texture, but you don’t really taste it.  The deliciousness is in the sauce and the topics, and the battery goodness of the balls themselves.


No longer will I be able to get a solid bowl of ramen.  Though, ramen usually comes with meat, but I’ve found you can often request to have the meat taken out.


You can get dried Udon noodles in asian food stores in the US, but nothing beats fresh ones in broth with other ingredients mixed in.  This one has some green onions, a slice of fish cake, and some tofu skin thing, which are all pretty common things to add to Udon.


My prefecture, Ehime, is well known for its citrus.  In the winter you can buy whole bags of mikan (6 or so) for about 100 yen.  It’s fabulous.  Sometimes I was even given some.  Mikan come in all different sizes.  Actually “mikan” is the name of one type. other types include Harehime, Dekopon (my favorite), Hassaku, etc.


Delicious vegetables and usually a large shrimp fried up in tempura batter, sprinkled with soy sauce, and on top of a bowl of rice.  Tasty.

EEL (Unagi)

This picture is actually when I ate eel at a pretty high-class place.  I actually learned from that experience that the appeal of eel is less in the meat itself, and more in the delicious sauce that they usually lather on it.  So actually I prefer cheap eel with lots of delicious sauce, over abundant eel with less sauce!


This is a Japanese meal at its most basic; a bowl of rice with or without something on top (here I have a sort of tofu/carrot/konnyaku mix on my rice) as well as some side dishes (here I have a croquet and some cooked spinach).

Oo there’s so much more food I’m going to miss.  Tune in next week for part 2!


2 responses to “#29 Foods I will miss from Japan – Part 1

  1. kadell says:

    I miss fresh fresh udon. And good ramen. Yakitori stands. Katsudon. Yum. Savor it while you can

  2. fuminator says:

    You are making me drool~!! Hello, I read your profile and was stunned: I am from Hiroshima, I have gone to school in Bay Area (Mountain View, Sunnyvale area) and now I live in Chicagoland area. Interesting to see how we have been to the same areas, in different times!!
    I guess you are leaving Japan soon (soory i am new to WordPress, just joined). Why are you leaving?

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