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#33 DS Game: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

on July 18, 2012

9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

My boyfriend recently got this game for me, with neither of us knowing too much about it except that it’s received really good reviews and is supposed to be a pretty awesome game.

My boyfriend was under the impression that it was a Visual Novel, where you’re reading lots of text and occasionally making choices in regards to interacting with the characters.  I’ve played a visual novel dating sim in the past, called Hiiro no Kakera:

Hiiro no Kakera DS [Japan Import]

I first began playing that back in 2008 or so.  Just by researching the link on amazon now I found out there’s since been 2 sequels as well.  Hmm, maybe I should consider getting one.  It seems to be the exact same characters as well.  I wonder how they continue the story.  Also, side note, I found out (devastatingly) that you can actually lose that game! You can actually make choices that lead to a “game over.” I was traumatized the first time it happened. Fortunately I’m the kind of person that saves pretty often so I just went back to a save and made a different choice.

Anyway, back to the game I want to talk about today.

It’s actually an adventure game, which means you explore a lot, find and use items, and solve puzzles. Some of the puzzles use math, but not hard math of course. Still, I need a pen and paper sometimes to work out solutions.

I’m really enjoying the game. The story is really compelling and the puzzles are pretty satisfying to solve. Also there’s this tense feeling in the air as you’re playing, considering the situation you’re in, which makes me want to keep going and see what will happen next. It’s definitely one of those games that are hard to put down, but that I’ve learned that you need to put down when you’re tired or else the puzzles and even the dialogue exchanges between characters can be a little confusing ;-)

Also, based on my own experience, I find the game to be very engrossing having gone into it with no prior knowledge and continuing to learn more as the story progresses, so I recommend this approach to others as well!

However, for those of you that are maybe on the fence about trying out this game, I will say it is a little Hunger Games-esque in that you’re forced into a situation against your will, and your goal is to stay alive.

Also, there are various endings you can get with this game, so even after you’ve played through it once, it’s interesting to play through it again, making different choices and going into different rooms and getting to explore new things. So it definitely has a lot of game play packed in.

Consider getting it if you have a DS! It certainly is a unique and compelling game.


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