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“Omake” Posts & Archives

In Japanese, “Omake” (pronounced roughly like oh-ma-kay), means “something extra.”

For example, maybe you’ll buy something from a small store (fruit, or sweets), and the storeowner will throw in an extra one.  Or sometimes if you buy a bottled drink from a convenience store, they’ll have a cell phone charm wrapped and attached to the bottle cap as an incentive to buy their brand.  Or a DVD that comes with extra footage or features might consider those “omake.”

The concept of my blog is to focus on things that I enjoy about my life in Japan, or my life in general.  Sometimes though, there are things I DON’T enjoy (gasp!).  To talk about those, and in an effort to introduce various aspects of Japanese culture, I designed the “Omake” post.

Also sometimes I want to give updates or add extra information on a topic I previously posted about.  I’ll use the “Omake” title for those as well.

My main entries, are posted every Wednesday.  Omake posts will be posted whenever I feel like it, on any day other than Wednesday.

List of Omake Posts (ARCHIVES)
Omake #1: Japan doesn’t believe in central heating
Omake #2: Teachers in Japan are constantly shuffled around
Omake #3: Pokemon Conquest Release Date!
Omake #4: Are we assistant teachers or aren’t we?
Omake #5: Why I would hate to be an actual public school teacher in Japan
Omake #6: Do I need this? Documentary (Kickstarter)
Omake #7: Himeyuri Student Nurses
Omake #8: Why teaching English in Japanese public middle schools can be soul-killing
Omake #9: A Typhoon is Coming – Yay!
Omake #10: Video of my apartment!

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