Sporadic Happiness (in Japan!)

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Welcome one, welcome all!

Hello everyone.

Living abroad you experience a lot of ups and downs.  Like the culture shock curve, sometimes you’re way up, sometimes you’re way down, sometimes you’re just in between.

(picture credit to http://my-bellavita.com/fine-print/adjusting-to-expat-life-in-italy-riding-out-the-culture-curve/)

The graph above shows just a 6 month period, but actually, I think the graph can repeat itself, and has, with me.

I’m at the forefront of my 2nd year teaching English in Japan on the JET program (3rd year in Japan total – studied abroad for 9 months in 2007-2008), and I still experience lows from time to time.

And sometimes I just get caught up in daily routines and daily life – going to work, making dinner, doing the dishes, doing laundry, picking up my room…that I forget what an awesome opportunity it is for me to be living and working in Japan.

So I decided to make this blog to document for myself, and to share with others, some of the things I really do enjoy about my life here.

I plan to make a minimum of 2 posts per month.  May not seem like much, but it’s a lot for me to squeeze in with a full time job that exhausts me each and every day.  (You see, I’m a teacher.  I’m also an introvert.  I’m also sensitive.  I’m amazed I survived this far but teaching, at least full time teaching, is not for me.  At least I’m in a rural area where I have far fewer students and classes than I would with a more urban population).

Also a note as to the name I picked out.  Merriam Webster says the word “sporadic” is from “Medieval Latin sporadicus, from Greek sporadikos, from sporadēn here and there, from sporad-, sporas scattered.”  I really liked that, because I think that’s what happiness is really.  You don’t feel good all the time.  But you have little bits of happiness sprinkled throughout and that adds up to you being overall satisfied or “happy” as we like to say.

Look forward to the first real post, coming soon!

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