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#9 Pink Things!

When I was little, I loved pink and purple.  Those were the girly colors, and I was a girly girl.  Many toys (Barbis especially) seemed to use those colors, and I thought they were great.

When I got a bit older (middle school & high school) I liked blue.  When I got to college I liked purple.  Now that I’ve come back to Japan, I’ve embraced once again my love of pink.

Pink is pretty firmly established as a girly color here in Japan.  Little girls’ plastic drinking cups, chopsticks, pencil boxes, etc are often pink, whereas the boys’ versions come in blue or red.

What is unique about Japan (vs. the United States) however, is that pink is not just a color for little or young girls.  It’s also a color perfectly acceptable to women of all ages, especially those in their 20s and 30s.

I feel like in the US if I were to use a bunch of pink things, or walk around with various pink items on or around my person, I would be viewed as childish.  But in Japan, I’m considered in the range of “normal” when I associate myself with pink.

As a result I’ve felt comfortable purchasing and using a wide variety of pink things in my daily life here.  Let me introduce some of all to you.

First of all is my purse.

For my first year, I actually used a different purse that was black with sparkles on it.  After it started to fall apart a bit (the handles were coming undone) I bought this one online, and use it every day.

I also have another pink purse that is larger, that I bought in person in Matsuyama, and that I tend to use on weekend trips since it holds more.

Inside my pink purses you’ll find a pink wallet

It’s a bit run down after a year and a half of use, but it’s really nice and convenient and I like it.  It also has a sort of Lolita pattern to it, which is what attracted me to it in the first place (in addition to it’s pinkness of course).

The cell phone I keep in my purse is pink, and further decked out with girly ballet stickers

Also in my purse are several pink chapsticks (one bought in Japan and the other in the US).

Next we have my planner that I use every day.

Alice in Wonderland seems fairly popular these days and you can find stickers, notebooks, etc with the theme (usually in a silouhetted form, as this planner is, instead of the full-color Disney movie version).  The planner I used most of last year was also pink, by the way.

My bedsheets are pink with flowers and ribbons all over them

I recently bought a new set of headphones that have pink cords, that go with my hot pink iPod and a hot pink iPod case that I just bought at Tokyo Hands.

I recently bought a USB splitter, since I have a macbook with only two USB ports (one always taken up by a mouse).

I bought it at Yodobashi Camera, my favorite electronics store in Japan.  They have about a million choices for anything electronic you want to buy; when buying this splitter, I was able to choose from all kinds of sizes, styles, colors, etc, and ended up with this one for its pinkness and its compactness.

Over the summer I bought a kindle, and it was definitely a good purchase.  The cover I got for it is, of course, pink.

And lastly, we have my DS.

Thanks for indulging me and letting me show off my near and dear pink things ^.^

What color do you enjoy?  What color things do you tend to buy?  Has the color(s) you like now changed from when you were a child?

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